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Credit Services

Credit Services

Make Credit-granting Decisions Easier with Current Credit Information for Your Industry

What is a Credit Group?

A credit group, or credit interchange, is a group of companies that join together to share credit information on mutual customers. An outside party (like ABC-Amega!) monitors and manages the groups to ensure the information is factual and in compliance with antitrust guidelines.

We have been managing credit groups since 1965. We offer businesses a complete range of credit information services geared to the needs of specific industries including paper and printing, media, giftware and home décor, chemicals, motor equipment and more. As an ABC-Amega credit group member, you can access credit information in real-time to make informed decisions quickly and easily to minimize credit risk. All of our credit groups are member-driven, where members facilitate the exchange of credit information on common customers, support account information discussions, and discuss the latest developments in credit management. Members play a role in determining the direction of the group by participating as a board member or on one of the group’s committees.

Find Your Credit Group

As a credit professional, you have to make a number of credit decisions every day. Membership in an ABC-Amega credit group helps hundreds of creditors make those decisions more efficiently and effectively.

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The Gift Associates Interchange Network (GAIN) is a member-driven association of over 100 credit professionals throughout various gift industries.


The National Chemical Credit Association (NCCA) is a national organization of credit professionals who represent the top 100 chemical companies in the world.


National Media Credit Professionals (NMCP, Inc.) is one of the most active credit associations for media credit professionals. Members include major media companies in TV, radio, cable, outdoor, print and digital media.



The Print & Graphics Industry Credit Executives (PGI) is a member-driven credit interchange of credit professionals in the printing, paper, and graphic arts industries.



The Commercial Foreign Credit Group (CFCG), formerly known as the Cleveland Foreign Credit Group, is comprised of senior credit executives from manufacturers, distributors, and service providers who engage in or contribute to foreign commerce.



Polymer Distribution Group (PDG) is a member-based credit interchange founded to exchange commercial credit information among global leaders within the plastics, polymers and resins industry.



The Aftermarket Supplier Credit Group (ASCG) is a national group of manufacturers who supply the aftermarket segment of the motor vehicle industry.



Members of the Marine Accessory Manufacturers Credit Association (MAMCA) serve the marine accessory industry, including retailers, wholesalers and boat builders.



ABCD Motor Credit Association is a 108-year-old credit discussion group that services segments of the motor vehicle industry.

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Access industry-specific and accurate credit information, pull credit reports, customer experience and flash notes that have been submitted by your fellow group members. Place accounts for third-party collections in 3 easy steps.

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Making good credit decisions is dependent upon having the best information available. Access the latest customer A/R data from creditors in your industry, receive expert educational training, and network with credit professionals like you.

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