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Commercial Debt Collection Articles
ABC-Amega Articles

ABC-Amega Articles

After more than 90 years in the commercial credit and collections industry, we know our stuff. But we believe it’s important for our clients to be educated as well.

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Women in Credit – Mary Hotvedt ›

Mary Hotvedt, Credit Manager at Waupaca Foundry, has maintained a career in the credit and collections field for over twenty years.  Mary has spent most of her career at Waupaca Foundry; recently, Dan Pike, Director of Motor Credit at ABC-Amega,

Women in Credit – Riki-Lee Ritz ›

As Vice President and Managing Director of ABC-Amega’s International Business Unit, Riki-Lee is responsible for the development of new business opportunities with prospective and existing international clients and oversees international operations. With 15 years of industry experience, her previous roles

Credit Q&A – Gene Clark ›

Gene Clark, Director of Credit and Collections at OTR Wheel Engineering, Inc., shares his experiences and thoughts on his career in the credit and collections industry. What is your background? I have a degree in finance, and I was working

Credit Q&A – Michelle Strauss ›

Michelle Strauss, Customer Financial Services Manager at Dorman Products, shares her experiences and thoughts on her career in the credit and collections industry. What is your background? I started my career in customer service for a small giftware company and

Credit Q&A – Amy Tolland ›

Amy Tolland, AR Manager of North America at Dana Incorporated, shares her experiences and thoughts on her career in the credit and collections industry. What is Your background? I have 26 years of corporate experience in building materials, glass containers,

Credit Q&A – Paul Grolemund ›

Paul Grolemund, Divisional Vice President at ABC-Amega, will retire in the next few months. After a long career, the last 31 years spent at ABC-Amega, Paul shares his thoughts on his career and what he’s looking forward to in his

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