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Credit and Collections Training and Education

Education for an Evolving Industry

ABC-Amega’s commitment to education is a key part of our culture and our role as a partner to our industry peers.

Credit & Collections Training & Education

To improve your collections process, get collection tips, learn about setting up a credit policy and more, subscribe to our e-newsletter and monthly webinars. Discover additional resources for improving your collections and credit strategies below:


A commercial collections leader, we recognize the importance that education and research plays in the industry. Browse our content library with articles on all areas of credit, collections, outsourcing, commercial law, country risk and more.

Training Courses

Enhance your staff’s skill set with ABC-Amega’s cost-effective virtual or on-site workshops in Credit and Financial Analysis, Telephone Collections, Collection Agency Procedures, the Legal Process and more.


Learn from industry experts in credit, collections, bankruptcy, commercial law, and economics. Our monthly webinar series keeps you in the loop on trending issues in the credit industry. Each webinar includes a valuable Q&A session and a copy of the presentation.

Glossary of Terms

Brush up on your credit and collections terminology. Cut through the jargon jungle and learn what d/p at sight and d/a payment terms actually means in international sales transactions.

From live and on-demand webinars, our e-newsletter, articles and custom training courses, ABC-Amega is committed to providing the commercial debt collection and credit community with the resources they need to be successful. Sign up to receive Webinar Series Invitations or Subscribe to our eNewsletter.

Put our decades of commercial collections to work for your company.

Learn strategies for common challenges in credit, collections, and commercial trade.