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International Debt Collection Agency

International Collections for Your Global Business

Experts in International Debt Collection Since 1960. Keeping the Promise of Certified and Award-Winning International Service

60 Years of International Debt Collection Expertise

International accounts receivable management requires the same skills as domestic ARM. You have to put people first. You have to be determined. And you have to speak the language of commercial credit and collections. That’s what our team can do for you. We understand what it takes to bring accounts current around the world.


We specialize in:

  • Collecting for US multinational organizations with customers around the world
  • Collecting on behalf of foreign companies with US customers
  • Putting our 60 years of international business savvy and global resources to work for our clients on every continent

Certified. Experienced. Dedicated. We’ll bring the world’s currencies to your door.

Facilitating Global Commerce From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe*, Safely and Securely

We have been dedicated to global collections since the earliest days of our history. We are recognized by global corporations and exporting companies, international agencies, and trade and government organizations for our outstanding ability to collect commercial debts throughout the world.

International Debt Collection clients benefit from our:

  • Dedicated, global team trained for international debt collection
  • Multilingual capabilities and international time zone coverage
  • Expertise and contacts in China, Asia, Europe, and Latin America
  • Knowledge in international law and procedure; worldwide legal network
  • On-demand access to account activity and reporting with our secure Client Portal
  • Dynamic reporting customized to your unique portfolio intelligence needs

*We provide collection services globally, only restricted by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) trade sanctions, and the local laws of select foreign jurisdictions.


ABC-Amega is the first private receivable management company to have been honored by the President of the United States with both the “E” and “E Star” Awards for outstanding export service and foreign marketing.The ‘E Star’ award was presented by President George W. Bush for excellence in our facilitation of international commerce; and is the highest peacetime honor bestowed on American export companies.

ABC-Amega has specialized in international collections for over 40 years and is one of the Founding Sponsors of ICTF, the leading international credit management association that connects credit management and trade finance professionals with valuable resources. Our goal is to assist companies engaged in international trade to make good on the debts they’re owed while maintaining their good customer relationships.


Making Good On The Promise of Secure Data

We take both physical and data security seriously, which is why we continually invest in resources to upgrade our systems and facilities. We are committed to compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and we uphold all elements of the EU-US and the US-Swiss Privacy Shield Frameworks.

Our redundant network, which is fully-protected and encrypted, is connected by a site-to-site VPN to the Microsoft Azure data center (your information technology team will really appreciate that this meets or exceeds most industry standards and compliance requirements!).

We don’t just collect – we keep you and your customers protected.

In International Debt Recovery, Experience Matters

Hundreds of countries. Thousands of jurisdictions. Countless overlapping regulations. The world of international recovery is complicated. And when you work with an inexperienced team, that can delay resolution and create new headaches.

At ABC-Amega, we’ve been abroad since 1960. We know how to employ the right resources, whether in-house or with a network of trusted partners.


Maintain your business relationships around the globe.

With ABC-Amega, it is truly a small world, after all.

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