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First Party Receivables Management

First-Party Receivables Management and Collections Outsourcing

Your Time-Saver. Your Teammate. Your People-First Accounts Resolution Promise Keeper.

Accounts Receivable Management
is More Than Making Collection Calls. It’s About Customer Service.


Receivable Management is the key to improving your cash flow.

Receivables management is a vital part of your business. But you may not have the time or the expertise to do it in-house. And you don’t want your customers to think you’re outsourcing a valuable relationship to a collection agency.

That’s where our first-party accounts receivable management services comes in. Our client service representatives (CSRs) become an extension of your team. They work with your established relationships, on your behalf, to get the matter settled.

After all, it’s not just about money. It’s about solving a problem. Our team gets your accounts resolved before they’re escalated.

What Proactive Customer Service Means For You

In AR, it’s your job to manage the company’s receivables process and maintain its cash flow while keeping customers happy. Partnering with ABC-Amega gives you the tools to do just that. You also get:

  • Increased control of the accounts receivable process with a customized account treatment plan and escalation strategy
  • Branded email and a dedicated phone number for your customers
  • Data-driven intelligence to better understand delinquencies DSO risk management, improved cash flow, and profitability
  • An easy-to-use and secure client portal for access to account activity and real-time reporting
  • Reduced recruiting, training, on-boarding, and overhead costs

You deserve a receivables management process that ensures targets are met while improving the customer experience. You deserve a solution that makes your job easier. We’ll make sure you get both.


The Importance of Speeding Up Your Collections

Audit coming up? End-of-year books to close? You need to speed up your account receivable practices. Here are tips from our team of experts.

Read more on how to speed up your collections

Customized Accounts Receivable Management Services and Technology

You have high standards. So do we. SoftCall®, our first-party receivables management system, is based on a proactive, positive customer service approach and best practices for companies that provide outsourced call center and customer service for their clients.

Our SoftCall® service adheres to the highest call center standards. Achieved by high levels of performance and ever-improvement, client and employee satisfaction, and productivity.

Treatment plans are customized to meet your exact requirements – from reminder calls prior to due date to early-stage past due calls, to emails and hard copy letters.


People-First Accounts Receivable Management

Our CSRs realize they are talking to people – to your customers – not some faceless ‘debtor’. No one likes being reminded of a debt. But we don’t want people to avoid your call.

They are trained on your systems and services ensuring that they understand your business and common customer challenges.

  • We work to maintain positive customer relations so you can work to maintain your bottom line
  • We manage our SoftCall® service to find amicable solutions for resolving past due accounts
  • We make sure a short-term issue doesn’t become a long-term problem

Educational Resources

Our experts help you stay ahead of changes in technology, regulations, and anything else impacting your account recovery needs.

Get First-Party Representation. Get Resolution.

Focus on the rest of your business. We’ll focus on debt resolution.

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