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Third Party Debt Collection Representative

Collect What You’re Owed.
Maintain What You’ve Built.

Reliable, Professional, Third-Party Debt Collection That Keeps the Promise of Customer Relationships

Collection Experts Working to Expertly Recover What You’re Owed

You don’t just have unpaid invoices, you have collection issues you want resolved quickly and as amicably as possible. You have customer relationships you want maintained. You deserve a team of collection experts to help you recover what you’re owed while protecting your brand.


ABC-Amega’s Third-Party Debt Collection Services

  • Experienced: Our collection professionals average 20 years of commercial debt collection experience
  • Accessible: On-demand access to account activity and reporting via a secure Client Portal
  • In-House: Recovery is performed by our own trained personnel — only outsourced to trusted partners when absolutely necessary
  • Certified: All collection representatives are certified by the CCA of A
  • People-Focused: Our team is trained to be understanding. We don’t treat your customers like criminals, but we’ll uncover hidden issues and work diligently to recover your past-due accounts
  • Relationship-oriented: You’ve built a relationship with your customer; we’ll help keep it intact

Your Collection Agency Should be Certified

CCA of A Certification

Certification from the Commercial Collection Agencies of America (CCA of A) identifies ABC-Amega as an elite firm in the commercial collection industry. To receive and maintain certification, agencies must satisfy rigorous requirements, which include adherence to a strict code of ethics, financial and process procedure reviews, maintaining proper bond coverage, and fulfilling continuing education requirements.


CLLA/IACC Certification

ABC-Amega was a member of the Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA) of the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) from 1975 until the group disbanded in 2014. Our certification by the CLLA – now partnering with the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC) – guarantees that ABC-Amega meets a rigid set of ethical and procedural standards.

In addition, all of ABC-Amega’s third-party collectors have achieved the status of Certified Senior Collection Professional via a rigorous certification course administered by the CCA of A.

Three Steps To Third-Party Debt Collection

Your customer isn’t always trying to avoid payment. Invoices go missing. Credits get misapplied. We understand that, and that’s why we always start with a problem-resolution mindset, and only escalate for attorney intervention when needed.

Collections is about more than making payment demands. It’s about communication.

Our people understand that it is 6 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. This is why they will approach your customers with professionalism at all times.


In-House Collections

Applying years of commercial experience, our collection representatives will exhaust every effort to obtain payment and resolve disputes. Supported by our Legal Collections team for final, pre-legal demand, more than 85% of the claims our people recover are collected in-house.


Attorney Amicable Efforts

When an issue needs to be escalated, we contact a partner law firm to attempt a friendly settlement. With partners in over 200 countries, we have the local experience to get the job done.



When it is determined that the only possible path to collection is a lawsuit, we will make the recommendation, provide suit requirements, and estimate court costs for you to review and approve. Our Legal Collections team will monitor attorney efforts, providing regular progress reports to keep you up-to-speed.

Let us help you make good on the debt you’re owed. Submitting a claim is quick and easy.

Submit a Claim

People-Focused Collections

We know that every call we make reflects on your business. That’s a responsibility we take seriously. That’s why every call made is handled by well-trained collection professionals and managed by experts. After all, we have to live up to your standards while achieving the highest possible recovery. Our collections team upholds your requirements while employing our advanced resources and technology. We put people – and the relationships you’ve built with them – first.

  • Call monitoring & recording
  • Speech analytics software
  • Call scoring
  • Customized keyword analysis

We don’t want you to lose a customer over a collection issue. Our staff is here to help you recover what you’re owed while maintaining the relationships you’ve built.


International Debt Collection for Companies Engaged in Global Business

Your business doesn’t stop at the border. Neither does our debt collection expertise. Since 1960, we’ve specialized in ethical, transparent global debt collection.

View International Debt Collection


ABC-Amega’s International Debt Collection clients benefit from:

  • Working with the first private receivable management firm honored by the President of the United States with both the “E” and “E Star” Awards for outstanding export service and foreign marketing
  • Dedicated global team trained for international debt collection
  • Multilingual capabilities and international time zone coverage
  • Expertise and contacts in China, Asia, Europe and Latin America
  • Knowledge in international law and procedure; worldwide legal network

For 60 years, we’ve navigated the complexities of multinational regulations, creating industry-leading best practices to bring any issues to a resolution. The connections. The expertise. The world at your doorstep.

Nine Guidelines for Selecting the Right Collection Agency

Our experts help you stay ahead of changes in technology, regulations, and anything else impacting your collection.

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First Party Receivables Management

We’re proud to collect on your behalf. We’d be honored to represent you with our First Party Receivables Management services. See what we can do acting as an extension of your internal team.

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Move Forward With People-First Debt Collection

When you resolve a debt collection issue, you have a clean slate. We want to help you move forward. Let’s get resolution.

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