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Real-time credit information for
your industry


No matter what your industry-vertical, our complete range of credit information services help credit managers make the right decisions.

Members of our industry credit groups have access to real-time credit information—giving them a chance to minimize risk, save time, frustration, and money, and make sure their customers will be able to carry out their credit commitments.

What is a Credit Group?

A credit group, or credit interchange, is a group of companies, often in the same industry, that join together to share credit information on mutual customers. An outside party (in our case, ABC-Amega) monitors and manages the groups to ensure the information is factual and in compliance with antitrust guidelines.

Credit Group Features & Benefits

ABC-Amega's credit group members benefit from access to:
  • Real-time, industry-specific, and accurate credit information via our web-based credit interchange system 
  • Alerts to circumstances that impact customers’ credit
  • Affordable credit reports 
  • Meetings and annual events for networking and education
  • Free, monthly newsletters and webinars 

The Industries We Serve

Just as we serve virtually every industry in our first- and third-party commercial collections services, we manage credit groups across industries, including paper and printing, media, giftware and home décor, chemicals, and more.

A Strong Support System

Our experienced team of credit group managers helps you save time and money, while also laying the foundation for strong business relationships. For more information about our credit group management services, or to set up a group for your industry, please contact us and we would be happy to help you get started.

Gift Associates Interchange Network, or GAIN, is an association of manufacturers in the giftware and related industries. The GAIN database contains information on more than 1 million buyers including all major U.S. department stores.

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The National Chemical Credit Association (NCCA) is a national organization of credit professionals established in 1938 to facilitate the exchange of commercial credit information among leaders of the chemical industry, as well as provide continual professional education to its members.

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National Media Credit Professionals (NMCP)* is an association of media credit professionals from major media including cable television, network television, sports and news cable TV, and radio.
*Formerly known as New York Media Credit Group (NYMCG)

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Polymer Distribution Group (PDG) is a member-based credit interchange made up of credit professionals within the plastics, polymers and resins industry.

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The Print & Graphics Industry Credit Executive (PGI) is a member-driven credit interchange comprised of financial, credit and collection professionals in the printing and graphic arts industries.

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