Employee Referral Program

Do you know anyone looking for a career who would be a quality candidate for our company? ABC-Amega offers a $300 referral bonus!

We have immediate, multiple openings for the following positions:

  • Client Service Representative (1st Party Team)

Employee Referral Program:

If you have a contact who would be interested in applying, please ask your referral to visit our website and apply online here: https://www.abc-amega.com/careers (your referral should list your name on the application).

Human Resources will process the contact and if your lead is hired and maintains full time employment for 90 days, you will receive $300.00 cash!


  • Only the first employee to contact Human Resources with a referral gets the eligibility. Multiple employees providing the same referral will not be accepted.
  • Candidate hired must remain employed for 90 days in order for you to receive referral incentive
  • Referral incentive will still be paid for employees who separate employment within 90 days due to layoff or other circumstances not related to employment performance
  • Prior hires not included
  • ABC-Amega may take 7-10 business days to process the referral check
  • Referring employee must be employed when the check is written in order to receive it