Credit and Financial Analysis

When it comes to business, credit makes the world go around.

As a credit professional, it’s your responsibility to keep credit losses and slow collections to minimum. Whether you’re new to the credit game or have been in the ranks for awhile, this workshop will provide the opportunity to evaluate your current credit process and equip you to make better credit decisions overall.

You will be guided through basic definitions, policies, mindsets, and tools that will help you establish and reinforce sound credit policy. At the end of the day, you’ll:

  • Realize the importance of credit in the cash cycle
  • Appreciate why your company needs a credit policy – and what to consider when developing one
  • Be able to distinguish among the three types of credit policies – based on economic conditions
  • Understand the 5 “Cs” of credit – as part of a qualitative approach to evaluating a potential customer
  • Learn how to evaluate and interpret a complete credit application – a quantitative approach
  • Understand how to interpret financial statements – step-by-step, using ratio analysis

This program is customizable to meet your training needs.

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