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Credit Group Spotlight: MAMCA

The Marine Accessory Manufacturers Credit Association (MAMCA) provides members who serve the marine accessory industry with insights on customer operations by providing a platform for dialogue, timely industry information, networking opportunities, plus historical, credit, and operational customer information. At each meeting the group not only discusses mutual customers, but they also have an educational component. MAMCA meets face to face three times per year and one time virtually. Each face to face meeting is also accessible virtually.

The group provides its members with regular opportunities to network, share ideas, and it provides access to education that supports informed decision-making to avoid credit risk.

Making good credit decisions is dependent upon having the best information available. MAMCA members can access the latest customer A/R data from creditors, receive expert educational training, and network with like-minded credit professionals. Benefits of membership also include:

Access Information On-Demand 

MAMCA’s web-based interchange system, GoAmega, contains A/R experience on thousands of customers, including major national retailers, warehouse distributors and buying groups. You see exactly how the customer pays creditors in your industry as well as in related industries. MAMCA member-owned data is timely, not months-old as often is the case with generic credit reports.

Networking and Education

Group meetings and events always include roundtable account discussions and workshops to develop credit, collection management, and leadership skills. Whether meeting in person or virtually, one of the greatest benefits of MAMCA membership is the ability to network and develop relationships with professionals in similar industries.

ABC-Amega also sponsors a free webinar series with programming presented by topic experts in credit, collections, bankruptcy, business operations, the economy, global trade and more. These programs provide members with additional opportunities to stay on top of industry trends and learn applicable skills from experts in the field.

Discounted Collection Services from ABC-Amega

ABC-Amega provides a broad range of B2B accounts receivable management solutions at special rates for MAMCA members, including third-party global commercial debt collection and first-party accounts receivable outsourcing. Our certified collection representatives work as an extension of our members’ A/R departments to achieve the highest rate of return on the accounts they place, without jeopardizing the relationships they’ve built with their clients.

If your business is in the marine accessory or boat building industry, and sell to warehouse distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and mass merchandisers, consider membership in MAMCA. It can support informed decision-making and mitigate credit risk to help your company thrive and grow.