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ABC-Amega’s Core Values

Shaping culture for ourselves and our clients

By Krista Glenn, Director of Marketing

In March 2020, I never thought that the box of promotional hand sanitizers we ordered for upcoming trade shows would still be sitting in my office today. Sadly, our sales team hasn’t been on the road; and they haven’t been able to visit you in your office or at a credit industry conference.

It goes without saying that it’s a strange (unprecedented) time we’re living in, but what keeps us going at ABC-Amega is our dedication to providing companies with the commercial credit and debt collection services they need. We believe our success can be attributed, in part, to the values we possess. ABC-Amega’s core values are more than words on a poster in the breakroom or on a page of our website, they are actionable and memorable statements that help shape and define our company culture.

The process to review, discuss and update our corporate values began in late-2019 by a small group of leadership team members. ABC-Amega’s new values were finalized and rolled out to our staff earlier this year. We are pleased to share these values with you, our esteemed clients, credit group members, partners, and friends.

These values are used as tools to help attract and retain talent. They are part of our goal-setting and performance evaluation process. They are integrated into our sales and marketing initiatives; and guide our operations and client service decisions.

We are proud to share ABC-Amega’s new Corporate Values with you; and we welcome your thoughts as you encounter these values in your day-to-day dealings with us.