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Improve Recovery Rates & Preserve Customer Relationships

Global Debt Collection

ABC-Amega’s main objectives are to act as an extension of your credit department, to enhance your collection process, and to achieve the highest possible return on each account you place. We maintain continuous communication with our clients; and work to resolve receivable concerns while preserving the positive relationships you have with your customers.

We can effectively handle accounts of any size, in any stage of delinquency - from a few days to many months - in the United States, Canada and in more than 150 countries worldwide.

Our Commercial Debt Collection clients benefit from:

  • Expert account handling by knowledgeable collection professionals averaging 20 years of commercial collection agency experience
  • Consistent, well-documented treatment of accounts
  • 24/7 access to account activity and reporting via a secure Client Portal 
  • Global commercial collections expertise - multilingual collectors specializing in international debt collection and a worldwide network affiliate attorneys and agencies
  • No collection/no cost - ABC-Amega's collection fees are fully contingent upon collection
Dedicated Teams

We assign dedicated teams for both the domestic and international collections work of our clients. The majority of our collection representatives assigned to a particular client account will work exclusively on their portfolio. This level of dedication ensures that claims are given customized attention based on the standards set forth with our clients to assure world-class service.

Our Domestic Collection teams are strategically structured to handle claims based on balance thresholds, while our International Collection team is structured so that collection claims can be assigned based on language skill and time zone requirements. Collection representatives work a variety of shifts to satisfy dedicated global business hours.

Collection Strategy
Our Global Third Party Collections Process, along with the management rules and treatment plans set with our client, will determine the collection strategy put into practice. Our proprietary collections system, ABC-Collect, will prioritize accounts to the team based upon a series of business rules, such as country location, time zone, balance threshold, and follow up date.

Our global third-party collections process includes:
  • In-House Collections: We strongly believe in having recoveries performed by our own personnel under our direct training and supervision. We do not outsource any collection activities other than those provided by our attorney network specialists. 
  • Attorney Amicable Efforts: When in-house collections efforts do not provide resolution of the debt, a collection representative will engage a law firm in the jurisdiction of the debtor for escalation. We have dedicated partners and law firms in more than 200 countries that we can engage for on-the-ground assistance and counsel. When an account is placed with an affiliate attorney, he or she will work to recover the debt amicably, without resorting to legal action. Our collection representative continues to monitor its status, acting as the liaison between client and attorney. 
  • Litigation Process: If an amicable resolution is unattainable, and it has been determined that a lawsuit may result in collection, the attorney will recommend accordingly and provide ABC-Amega with suit requirements and an estimate of court costs. This information is then submitted to our client for consideration as a lawsuit is only initiated with express client approval.
Let our experienced, certified team of collection representatives help improve your recovery rates worldwide. Contact us for more information about ABC-Amega’s global commercial debt collection services.