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Webinar Series

ABC-Amega's educational webinar series was created to provide credit management professionals with relevant information on trending issues in the credit and receivables industries.
  • Topics cover a range of issues in Credit Management, Commercial Law, Bankruptcy, Domestic and International Debt Collection and more.
  • Presenters include attorneys, credit and collection professionals, economists and other topic experts.
  • Interactive Q&A brings you into the discussion, expands on topic points and creates a forum for discussion of your specific concerns. 

Let us help prepare you to tackle the issues and problems that come across your desk! We’ll answer your questions and provide valuable resources for developing strategies to common challenges in the field of credit, collections, and business in general.

Upcoming Webinars

Our 2021 Webinar Schedule will be announced soon.

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Free On-Demand Webinars
Access our previous webinars on-demand for up to 12 months post-program date. Click on the title of the desired webinar below. You will have to provide your email address and then fill out the registration form to access a webinar the first time.

November 2020
Looking into the Crystal Ball: A Glimpse into the World Economy in 2021
Bannockburn Forex’s Chief Market Strategist, Marc Chandler and Elisha Herrmann of Bayer Crop Science had an engaging conversation about global supply chain and the economic outlook in the year ahead

October 2020
Export Letter of Credit Process & Documentation
Larr & Associates discussed the process and best practices for minimizing risk when conducting international trade. 

September 2020
A Business Guide to Antitrust for Credit Professionals
The speakers, who authored the recently published “A Business Guide to Antitrust For Credit Professionals”, discussed how credit professionals can navigate within the bounds of antitrust law when making their credit and other business decisions. 

July 2020
Opportunities in Order-to-Cash: Increase Productivity and Efficiency (This recording is without audio. If/when we are able to resolve the audio issue, we will post a new link. If you'd like a copy of the slides, please email us at [email protected])
Recognizing that receivables management is and will be a key contributor to overall organizational strategy, Chris Rios shared his views on the most critical components that businesses need to focus on in order to sustain cash flow. 

June 2020

Credit Evaluation Using the Tools of Credit Management and Financial Analysis (This recording is without audio. If/when we are able to resolve the audio issue, we will post a new link. If you'd like a copy of the slides, please email us at [email protected])
When it comes to business, credit makes the world go around. If it's not extended wisely, however, it can send a company's receivables spinning out of control. As a credit professional, it's your responsibility to keep credit losses and slow collections to a minimum.
This workshop will provide the opportunity to evaluate your current credit process and will equip you and your team to use the tools to credit management and financial analysis to make better credit decisions now and in the future. 

May 2020
Strategies for Coping and Managing Stress
Trevina Broussard discusses the factors that increase risk for stress responses, tools for recovery, and ways we can continue to support each other during this very stressful time.

April 2020
Trade Creditor Strategies to Ride the Anticipated COVID-19 Bankruptcy Wave
Many industries have been reeling from the disruption arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. A huge wave of bankruptcy filings is anticipated. This webinar provides trade creditors the opportunity to identify distressed customers prior to their bankruptcy filings and mitigate their risk of loss. The speakers will discuss the warning signs of a troubled customer and sources of information for identifying warning signs.

Commercial Collections: Internal Best Practices and Considerations Around the Globe

This webinar, presented by ABC-Amega's International Collection Manager, Jeff Tharnish, focused on setting up an internal collections process along with the steps that creditors can take once an account has become past due.

March 2020

Working Together: Bridging the Gap Between Sales and Credit

Discover secrets for bridging the gap between your sales and credit & collections teams by learning how to develop a long term successful partnership that enables organizations to scale and grow. Presented by insideARM's Vice President of Commercial Services, Katie Keich.

February 2020

Understanding Incoterms 2020

Learn to decode the secret language of Incoterms and how to make them work to your advantage in sales contracts during this global business training seminar. Presented by Jim Trubits and Robert Stein from Mohawk Global Logistics.

January 2020

2020 Economic Outlook: Is there a recession in view?

In this program, Bill Strauss looks at the performance of the overall macro economy sectors and indicators for the U.S. economy over the next several years.  

November 2019

Consignment Overview

In this program, Bruce Nathan and Lowell Citron of Lowenstein Sandler discuss Consignment arrangements and Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The presenters share best practices for creditors to follow when entering into consignments, how consignments should be properly documented, and the steps to take to obtain a perfected first priority interest in consigned goods. 

October 2019

Collections Evaluation: Assess the effectiveness of your OCA and improve your internal practices

ABC-Amega's International Account Manager, Jeff Tharnish and Director of Application Development, Ed O'Keefe discuss the most relevant factors of account collectability, internal process review, and ways to evaluate and get the most value from your OCA. 

September 2019

Terms of (Un)endearment: Evaluating and Responding to Customer Terms Pushback

Bruce Nathan and Andrew Behlmann from Lowenstein Sandler LLP discuss the reasons why terms pushback is a growing trend, how to evaluate whether a customer’s terms pushback efforts are a sign of financial distress or merely an attempt to obtain “free” working capital (or both), and strategies for responding to terms pushback.

July 2019

USMCA: US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement. What Businesses Should Know to Prepare for the "New NAFTA"(please note that the first few minutes of the recording are not available due to technical difficulties)

USMCA, the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement was signed in November 2018, but has yet to be ratified. How does this new, trilateral trade agreement differ from NAFTA and what do U.S. businesses need to be aware of before USMCA is in place? During this webinar, World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara President, Craig W. Turner, discusses the proposed new deal and shares information on the role that the World Trade Center Buffalo Niagara plays in the USMCA Coalition for North America.

June 2019

Sales Tax in the Wake of Wayfair

During this webinar, sales tax expert Diane Yetter of YETTER and the Sales Tax Institute discusses the South Dakota v Wayfair decision. She also provides an update on what the states have done in response to the decision, with special focus on states with restrictive drop shipment certificate rules, bringing to light issues that impact manufacturers and distributors. An update to the rules related to notice and reporting rules for unregistered sellers and marketplace facilitation rules is also provided.

May 2019

Credit and Financial Statement Analysis

When it comes to business, credit makes the world go around. If it's not extended wisely, however, it can send a company's receivables spinning out of control. This workshop provides the opportunity to evaluate your current credit process and equip you to make better credit decisions overall. Fred Strano, Principal of AFS Business Services, guides you through basic definitions, policies, mindsets, and tools that will help you establish and reinforce sound credit policy.

April 2019

Bridging the Generational Divide: Working Effectively with Multiple Generations

In today's ever-growing multi-generational workforce, problems can arise from differing mindsets and communication styles of workers born in different generations. During this webinar, consultant and trainer, Trevina Broussard explores ways that managers and employees, alike, can work effectively with people of all generations. This session will help us all find common ground and ways to take advantage of the differences in values and expectations of each generation.

March 2019

Do I Really Need to Read This? Bankruptcy Filings Every Credit Manager Should Understand

This program is designed to guide creditors through all documents they might receive as creditors to a debtor in Chapter 11 bankruptcy without requesting special notice. Jeffrey Cohen and Gabe Olivera of Lowenstein Sandler discuss important documents that could materially impact a creditor's rights, including: contents of a bankruptcy petition, including the list of debtor's largest general unsecured creditors, bar date notices, proof of claim forms, disclosure statements, plans of reorganization/liquidation and plan voting ballots.

February 2019

Top 10 Cyber Tips for Fraud Prevention

Cybersecurity is more than an IT department issue - it affects all departments, with the finance function being most vulnerable. During this session, security expert, Dave Newell provides insight into the latest risks in cybersecurity with real-world examples and insightful commentary. Dave provides his Top 10 Tips and action items that you can implement at your company to help keep the "bad guys" at bay - both in the US and overseas.