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Strategic Alliances

ABC-Amega is a Platinum Partner of the Credit Research Foundation (CRF). CRF is an independent, member-run organization, consisting of a dynamic community of like-minded business professionals with a vested interest in improving and fostering the field of business credit, specifically, the practices and technologies of business credit.

ABC-Amega is an active member and Silver Sponsoring Partner of The Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals. ICTF is dedicated to providing real time business intelligence, exceptional opportunities for ongoing professional development and growth, an unparalleled forum for benchmarking, sharing of best practices and insights to the latest innovations in the industry.

ABC-Amega has been recognized as an important source of expertise and support for improved economic competitiveness in International business by the International Trade Administration (ITA) of the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC). In this partnership, ABC-Amega supports the U.S. industry's export competitiveness through critical analysis of relevant factors that could impact the ability of U.S. goods and service providers to access overseas markets.

The International Trade Administration is charged with the mission of strengthening the competitiveness of U.S. industry, of promoting trade and investment, and of ensuring fair trade and compliance with trade laws and agreements.

BDO Alliance USA
ABC-Amega is an Independent Member of the BDO Alliance USA, a nationwide association of independently owned local and regional accounting, consulting and service firms with similar client service goals. The BDO Alliance USA was developed to provide Member firms with an alternative strategy for gaining competitive advantage in the face of a changing business landscape.

ABC-Amega is an active member of The Finance, Credit & International Business Association (FCIB). Founded in 1919, FCIB is the premier resource for International Credit Information, Education and Resources, comprising a truly global membership association with Global Business Awareness. The ABC Companies, Inc. and FCIB have worked together to introduce commercial credit management practices to business and government officials in mainland China.

(formerly Shanghai Anson Business Consulting Company Limited) is one of the leading providers of credit and risk management support services and commercial information in China. Founded in 2000, the company focus is on the needs of foreign companies seeking to do business in China, as well as facilitating trade for Chinese exporters wishing to expand their footprint beyond China.

ABC-Amega and AFS Business Services have partnered together to create an on-site training workshop service for clients in the field of credit and collections. Training topics include: Telephone Collection Techniques, Basic Financial Analysis, Credit and Financial Analysis and Effective Receivable Management (combination of any or all three topics to adapt to customer specific needs). Fred Strano, principal associate of AFS Business Services, LLC, has more than 40 years of diverse business experience in a variety of industries including banking, finance, manufacturing, service and distribution, including 34 years with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).