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A people-first
outsourcing solution


Many businesses cannot devote the time and resources needed to manage collections—but doing so is a key step in maintaining and improving cash flow. 

Using our First-Party Collections Outsourcing/SoftCall® solutions, ABC-Amega works with clients to develop a customized plan to better control your receivables process, applying well-defined procedures across your entire credit portfolio.

First-Party Collections Outsourcing/SoftCall® Benefits 

Our commercial A/R management clients benefit from:

  • Increased control of the receivables process with customized account treatment
  • Data-driven intelligence to better understand delinquencies via comprehensive, real-time reporting tools
  • DSO risk management, improved cash flow, and profitability
  • On-demand access to account activity and reporting via a secure client portal 
  • Reduced recruiting, training, on-boarding, and overhead costs 

Treatment Plan Approach

SoftCall®, our first-party outsourcing service, is based on a proactive, positive customer service approach. Treatment plans are customized to meet the exact requirements of each client, from reminder calls prior to due date to early-stage past due calls, to emails and hard copy letters. We manage our SoftCall® service through adherence to well-respected call center operational standards, which require achievement of high and ever-improving levels of performance, client satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and productivity.