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Education for an evolving industry


ABC-Amega’s commitment to education is a key part of our culture and our role as a partner to our industry peers. 

In addition to partnering with leaders in research and education for the credit management industry, we produce valuable educational resources and training programs for credit and collections professionals. 

To get started on taking advantage of our decades of commercial collections experience, subscribe to our e-newsletter and monthly webinars and discover additional resources below:

Credit-to-Cash Advisor

Our free e-newsletter features content useful for professionals in credit, collections, account receivables, finance, accounting, and business. Each issue provides fresh articles, a country risk report, and other timely, industry information.


Interested in hearing directly from collection and bankruptcy attorneys, economists, and other credit and collections professionals? ABC-Amega’s monthly webinars are the perfect opportunity to get information on trending issues. Each webinar includes a valuable Q&A session in addition to a copy of the presentation.


We also provide cost-effective on-site workshops to help credit and collections professionals enhance their skills. Course topics include: Outside Collection Agency Procedures,  Basic Financial Analysis, Credit and Financial Analysis, Telephone Collections, Legal Process, Business Bankruptcy, and more.

Credit & Collections Glossary

Finally, for those new to the commercial collection and credit industry, we know the language of credit management, receivable management, and collections can often be confusing and seemingly full of jargon. Explore our online glossary to gain understanding of some of the industry's most popular terms and acronyms.