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Credit Group Spotlight: GAIN

GAIN, The Gift Associates Interchange Network is a member-driven association that utilizes an Online Credit Interchange database to share credit data. Companies in giftware, greeting card, toys, and related industries comprise the membership from across the U.S. and Canada. These professionals meet regularly to provide credit data and engage in account discussions, share ideas and experiences, and provide information that supports informed decision making.

GAIN’s online credit interchange database,,  is available 24/7 and contains A/R experience on thousands of customers, including major national retailers. Members of GAIN are required to provide their active account experience on a monthly basis; and most members provide A/R data through a secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) online portal. Members also regularly report Flash alerts, which are notifications of urgent changes in customer status.

Flash alerts can save members thousands of dollars by providing real-time notification of significant events like bankruptcies, NSF checks, and accounts placed for collection.

Members of credit interchanges, which have been in existence for more than 100 years, have found that sharing information helps everyone in the group become more profitable. No member has a competitive edge over any other as information is shared equally, and despite sharing credit and accounts receivable information, members are not able to access a list of their competitor’s accounts.

As the management organization for GAIN, ABC-Amega monitors the group to ensure information shared is factual and in compliance with antitrust guidelines.

GAIN offers a wide range of services and pricing options. The ultimate cost is determined by the number of credit reports a member orders each year. To receive more information contact Erika Sennert, Director, Credit Services, [email protected]


“I cannot recommend GAIN enough! Through networking and access to members’ A/R data, I feel like I have 100 more people on my staff. I’m able to assign appropriate credit limits, reduce annual bad debt, and reduce risk with GAIN’s data and Flash reports. The insights ‘gained’ from my fellow members also helped me prevent a large fraudulent order from leaving our warehouse.”

– Scott Berquist, Sr. Credit Manager
Roman Inc.

“GAIN has been a great resource for our small company. We’ve learned valuable processes and best practices from other members – many who are credit industry veterans. The GAIN database shows how prospective customers are paying businesses similar to ours, which has helped us extended credit terms – without getting burned. We have also been able to lower our bad debt by 75%!”

– Ryan Judkins, VP of Finance
Candle Warmers

“GAIN’s interchange portal helps me review credit references on prospective customers so that credit limits can be set and orders are out the door quickly.”

– Paula Sgambato,
Credit and Collections Manager,

“Obtaining credit information on customers to help assess risk is a very helpful benefit of my GAIN membership. Networking with other GAIN members to discuss different situations that arise, helps us to come to a better understanding of how solve any problems.”

– Debbie Heinrich, Manager of Credit & Collections
Enesco, LLC