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Webinar Series

ABC-Amega’s educational webinar series was created to provide credit management professionals with relevant information on trending issues in the credit and receivables industries.

  • Topics cover a range of issues in Credit Management, Commercial Law, Bankruptcy, Domestic and International Debt Collection and more.

  • Presenters include attorneys, credit and collection professionals, economists and other topic experts.

  • Interactive Q&A brings you into the discussion, expands on topic points and creates a forum for discussion of your specific concerns. 

Let us educate and prepare you to tackle the issues and problems that come across your desk! We’ll answer your questions and provide valuable resources to help you develop strategies and solutions to the challenges you encounter on a daily basis. 

Upcoming Webinars

March 29,2017 Spotting and Reacting to Warning Signs of Financially Distressed Customers: Dodging the Bankruptcy Bullet
Presented by Bruce S. Nathan, Partner, Lowenstein Sandler LLP
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February 2017
People Power - How to Maximize Your People's Potential, Get Employees Fired Up & Motivated
Majoring in motivation is a pivotal role of today's workforce leaders and seventy percent of managers list "lack of employee motivation" as the most annoying problem in their organization. In this session, corporate trainer, Trevina Broussard, discusses ways to maximize your employee's potential, how to keep employees motivated, ways to avoid excessive turnover and how to increase productivity in today's workplace.

January 2017
New Year, New Level of Uncertainty. What's the Global Economic Outlook for 2017?
There are aspects of the economy that were going to manifest no matter who won control of the government; and there are aspects that are very dependent on the priorities of those now leading. During this session, Dr. Chris Kuehl of Armada Executive Intelligence, offered a glimpse into our economic future for 2017 - both in the U.S. and throughout the world.


Throughout 2016, ABC-Amega has hosted webinars on a variety of hot topics in credit and collections. During this webinar, we brought together a fabulous panel of experts, including, Bruce Nathan of Lowenstein Sandler, Diane Yetter of YETTER Sales Tax Institute, Karen L. Anderson of KeaneUP, Dr. Camilo Gomez of CreditRiskMonitor and Jennifer Tirre-Daniels of ABC-Amega, to take your questions and provide their perspectives on the issues of importance to you and your company.

October 2016

XYZ's of the Multi-generational Workforce: How to Attract, Motivate and Retain Employees of All Ages

There's been a lot of talk in recent years about the newest generation to enter the workforce: The Millennials. Are they really that different from the generations that preceded them? In this insightful session, University professor, Mary Ann Rogers and Melanie Morcelle discuss the generational composite of the current workforce and focus on ways companies can benefit from the diverse skill set that each possess.

September 2016

Fraud Prevention: How to Spot and Stop Fraud from Affecting your Business

When you work in Credit Management, you can often find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. Everyone expects you to approve an order, but then you're the one that has to make sure you get paid for it! In this webinar, Robert Day, Managing Partner of, will teach you how to avoid fraud and keep everyone feeling good about the process. 

July 2016

Mind Your T's and C's

What goes into your terms and conditions really does matter when determining your company's rights against a customer's. In this informative session, Bruce S. Nathan & Lowell Citron, Partners at Lowenstein Sandler LLP, will help you formulate T's and C's that are not only effective, but that are also enforceable.

June 2016
The Impact of Values & Culture on Employee Engagement, Customer Satisfaction and Organizational Success

Employee engagement is a key business driver for organizational success. During this webinar, Donna Bernardi Paul, Senior Director at BDO, discusses and shares her insight on how bringing all phases of the workforce and human resource management together can help companies effectively achieve both their talent and business objectives. 

May 2016
Avoid the Liability Avalanche: Elevate Your Unclaimed Property IQ
As credit professionals contemplate the myriad of Unclaimed Property state compliance requirements, a number of questions may arise. During this webinar, Karen L. Anderson, J.D., Vice President, Reporting Compliance at KeaneUP, helps to answer these questions by discussing a variety of Unclaimed Property topics including how to minimize unclaimed property risk, and revisions to the Uniform Unclaimed Property law and its impact on accounts receivable-related unclaimed property.

April 2016
The FRISK® Stress Index: How to Be Less Surprised by Company Risk in a Changing Economy
Company risk -- especially public company risk -- is rising fast. In fact, the CreditRiskMonitor FRISK® Stress Index shows public company risk is up 81% since the start of the Great Recession. In this webinar, Camilo Gomez, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Quantitative Analytics at CreditRiskMonitor, looks at how you can identify and avert financial risk before it impacts your bottom line.
In a 1789 letter, Benjamin Franklin wrote "in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes." It's safe to say, the adage is as true today as it was more than two centuries ago. In 2016, however, taxes have become more complex, especially with the prevalence of internet-based businesses. In this webinar, sales tax expert Diane Yetter of YETTER and the Sales Tax Institute will cover the common ways that online retailers create nexus, which requires registration to collect and remit sales tax. 

Looking through the eyes of a CFO, CEO, COO or company owner, DSO and past due A/R only account for a fraction of the daily concerns. The cash-to-cash cycle impacts overall company liquidity, the need for borrowing, revenue opportunities, profitability and customer service. In this session, Robert S. Shultz, Partner, Quote to Cash Solutions (Q2C) LLC, covers the basics of cash-to-cash management, including an explanation of the cash-to-cash cycle, how it is measured, and what credit professionals need to know to impact positive results.
It's a cross-border bankruptcy buffet when attorneys from the U.S. and Canada dish on a menu of hot topics in bankruptcy and insolvency! In this session, Aubrey Kauffman of Fasken Martineau DuMoulin and Bruce S. Nathan of Lowenstein Sandler LLP provided an overview of the Canadian bankruptcy laws that have the most impact in U.S. trade creditors selling goods and/or providing services to Canadian companies.