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Collections Outsourcing/SoftCall Collections

Most businesses cannot devote the time and resources needed to manage the cost of carrying debt over time, but it’s a critical threat to profitability. You need a partner you can rely on to help you improve cash flow by enhancing - not replacing - your internal department.

ABC-Amega can work with you to develop a customized solution for better control of your receivables process, applying well-defined collection policies and procedures across your entire credit portfolio. You set the targets and define the goals; we’ll meet your expectations.

Our First-Party Collections Outsourcing/SoftCall® clients benefit from:
  • Increased control of the receivables process with customized account treatment and strategic follow-up on every account
  • Insight to better understand delinquencies via comprehensive, real-time reporting tools
  • DSO risk management, improved cash flow and profitability
  • 24/7 access to account activity and reporting via a secure Client Portal 
  • Reduced costs – let us recruit, train and pay the overhead of your dedicated AR staff

Treatment Plan Approach
SoftCall®, our first-party outsourcing service, is based on a proactive, positive customer service approach. Treatment plans are customized to meet the exact requirements of each client, with some requiring calls prior to the due date, others starting at 30 or 60 days past due, while some include letters in the plan.

In general, an initial phone contact is made to verify that specific invoices were received and ask when payment can be expected. If a customer disputes the account, we help resolve the problem in-house or we escalate the matter back to the client when necessary. Contact continues for a specified period, after which unresolved accounts are either automatically rolled to third-party collections or sent back to the client for review.

Quality Assurance
We manage our SoftCall® service through adherence to a well-respected call center operational standard, which requires achievement of high and ever-improving levels of performance, client satisfaction, employee satisfaction and productivity. In fact, we were the first commercial receivable management firm to become certified to this standard, COPC-2000®, which is the service industry’s most rigorous independent benchmark.

Developed following practices of the COPC-2000® operational model, we evaluate, score and monitor performance through call monitoring, transaction reviews and time gap analysis. We expect our CSRs (client service representatives) to maintain high-levels of performance: > 90% for call monitoring, > 95% for transactions, and less than 3 unscheduled time gaps per day. Action plans are developed for improvement whenever targets are not met.

Let our skilled team of client service representatives help improve your bottom line. Contact us for more information about SoftCall®, ABC-Amega’s Account Receivables Management Outsourcing solution.