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The Gift Associates
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Steering Committee:

The Steering Committee is comprised of Member designees elected by and authorized to act on behalf of the members in accordance with duties and authority established by the GAIN Bylaws. The committee is currently responsible for the approval of sponsorships.

Debbie Heinrich (Chair)

Enesco LLC
800.436.3726 ext. 5568
[email protected]

Dalene Lawson (Past Chair)

913.402.6800 ext. 150
[email protected]

Scott Berquist (Vice Chair)

Roman, Inc.
800.729.7662 ext. 1208
[email protected]

Sheila Wood (Treasurer)

Precious Moments, Inc.
[email protected]

Todd Douma (Committee Member)

Jellycat, Inc.
[email protected]

Board of Directors:

Paula Sgambato (Board Member)

Play Visions, Inc. 
[email protected]

Ann Jarrett (Board Member)

burton + Burton
[email protected]

David Herer, ABC-Amega, Inc. (President)
Rosanne Battaglia, ABC-Amega, Inc. (Secretary)
Paul Grolemund, ABC-Amega, Inc. (Board Member)