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First-party Accounts Receivable Management with a Customer Service Approach


headshotResolve issues and get paid faster!

Improve Cash Flow With Effective A/R Management

Our Client Service Representatives work on your behalf, becoming an extension of your internal credit and collections team to resolve your commercial customers’ A/R issues. It’s not just about money. It’s about solving problems. Our team resolves account issues before they escalate into big problems.

Advantages of working with our first-party representatives:

Tailor-Made Plans: Increased control of the A/R process through treatment plans and escalation strategies specific to your needs.

Positive & Proactive Customer Service: Our team works with relationships you have established, on your behalf, to get the matter settled in a professional manner.

Customized Technology: Secure and easy to use client portal for access to account activity and real-time reporting.

Don’t let a short-term issue become a long-term headache.

Connect with an expert and learn more about ABC-Amega’s first-party collections outsourcing service, by filling out the form below!