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History of PGI

As the times have changed, so has the printing and graphics industry. The line between manufacturers, paper merchants, paper distributors, print companies, graphics companies and related industries has blurred and more share the same customers and values. To adapt to this evolution, PGI was formed. PGI, or Print & Graphics Industry Credit Executives was founded in 2016 as a combination of 4 previous, individual print industry groups that have been around for more than 40 years. These groups consisted of Paper and Allied Trades (PAT), Print Alliance Credit Exchange (PACE), Paper Merchants Association (PMA) and Printing Industry Credit Executives (PICE). 

Paper and Allied Trades (PAT):

Established in 1926, Paper and Allied Trades, or PAT, is regarded as a leading source of credit information within the graphic arts community. A well-earned reputation for accuracy and integrity results in an unusually high level of cooperation, an advantage that is passed along to members in credit information that is timely, relevant and accurate.

Print Alliance Credit Exchange (PACE):

Print Alliance Credit Exchange (PACE) is an association of manufacturers in the print and graphic media and design industries. The PACE database contains information on more than 80,000 forms dealers, copy stores, office supply companies and print media distributors.

Paper Merchants Association (PMA):

PMA has been exchanging industry-specific credit information related to printers and other graphic arts industry purchasers in the New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New England area since the 1950's.

Printing Industry Credit Executives (PICE):

PICE is an association of printers, publishers, paper houses and related graphic arts firms located throughout the United States and Canada. The PICE database contains information on more than 28,000 customers, including advertising agencies, publishers, brokers and end-users.

With the combination of knowledge and experience from each of these 4 groups above, PGI's mission is to be the number one resource for credit professionals in the printing, paper, graphics and related industries. By using the power and history of each of the 4 groups above, PGI will help credit professionals in those industries to reduce bad debt and thereby increase profitability by providing educational and networking opportunities, as well as a forum for sharing factual credit experience and ideas on mutual customers.