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Good credit decisions require the best financial information available. That’s why ABC-Amega is pleased to offer you CreditRiskMonitor and Experian SmartBusinessReports ® credit reports. 

CreditRiskMonitor Credit Reports

CreditRiskMonitor credit reports provide fresh and complete commercial credit information with verified financial statements, credit scores, extensive ratio, trend and peer analyses, and much more on more than 40,000 public companies worldwide. As an ABC-Amega Credit Group Member, you have access to this real-time financial information for a low, per-report fee of just $49.95 with a no risk money-back guarantee. 1

  1. Browse to http://abc-amega.crmz.com
  2. Search for a company
  3. Preview the report by clicking on the business name 2
  4. Register to purchase the full report 3
  5. Download or print report

1. CreditRiskMonitor is committed to your satisfaction. They will promptly issue a full refund on credit card purchases, if requested within 48 hours of the report being ordered. If you wish to request a refund for any reason, simply e-mail [email protected], providing details of the purchase you want refunded. Please include the reason for your request, and complete information so they can contact you to confirm the refund.
2. If you do not find the company or you just don’t want the full report, stop after this step. Even if you have registered previously, your credit card will not be charged until you purchase the full report.
3. You must supply credit card information to register. However, you will not be charged until you download or print a report.

Experian SmartBusinessReports ®

Experian’s SmartBusinessReports ® provide business background information, comprehensive financial information and credit risk facts in an easy-to-read, online format. Drawn from the largest business database in the industry, you will have access to more than 27 million U.S. private and public credit-active company records with accurate information from objective sources (no self-reported information); extensive banking, trade and collection data; corporate linkage information; and public record information including liens, judgments, business registrations, bankruptcies and UCC filing. So, when you need a complete picture of your potential or current credit customer, turn to the Experian SmartBusinessReports ® available through ABC-Amega. 

  1. Visit www.smartbusinessreports.com
  2. Search for the company on which you would like to order information.
  3. Select the correct company from the list and click Proceed.
  4. Select the type of report you would like to order. (Note: individual reports are offered at a reduced "member" rate).

*If you are a member of PDG, please access these reports via GoAmega.