Welcome to
The National Chemical
Credit Association


NCCA Executive Board & Divisional Officers

John Zummo (Executive Board Chair)

Phone: 847.849.4464
[email protected]

Dave Strackhouse (Executive Board Past Chair)

Covestro LLC
Phone: 412.413.2309
[email protected]

Paulo Menezes (Member at Large)

Ravago Holdings America Inc.
Phone: 407.875.6641
[email protected]

Sean Browne (Treasurer)

Trademark Plastics Corporation
Phone: 908.925.5900 x245
[email protected]


Luis Orci (Chair)

Southern Polymer, Inc.
Phone: 770.916.0607 x3115
[email protected]

Mike Griffin (Past Chair)

ITOCHU Chemicals Americas, Inc.
Phone: 914.333.7808
[email protected]

Susan Fattore (Vice Chair)

M. Holland Co.
Phone: 847.849.8317
[email protected]

Carmel Sommers (Membership)

Quantum Polymers, Inc.
Phone: 630.834.8427 x302
[email protected]

Susan van der Walt (Secretary)

Sasol (USA) Corp
Phone: 281.588.3383
[email protected]


George Curylo (Chair)

Phone: 847.849.4411
[email protected]

Mike Murray (Past Chair)

Occidental Chemical Corp
Phone: 972.404.3660
[email protected]

Angela Hodges (Vice Chair)

Eastman Chemical Company
Phone: 305.671.2845
[email protected]

Karla Aguirre-Diaz (Membership)

Ravago Americas LLC
Phone: 407.875.4148
[email protected]

Iliana Silva (Secretary)

Tricon Energy, Ltd.
Phone: 305.968.2653
[email protected]

Counsel of Record

Steven L. Brannock

Brannock & Humphries
1111 West Cass Street, Suite 200
Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: 813.223.4300
Fax: 813.262.0604
[email protected]

Servicing Secretary

Michael Meyers

ABC-Amega Inc
500 Seneca Street, Suite 400
Buffalo, NY 14204
Phone: 716.878.2807
Fax: 716.878.0479
[email protected]