Overcoming Obstacles to Exercising in 2021

Combining Goals with Habits by Krista Glenn

According to Inc., 80% of New Year’s Resolutions are dropped by the 2nd week in February. But you don’t need to be part of that statistic. There’s an easy way to make a goal become a habit. It involves piggybacking off an existing habit.

Let me explain. I’ll use the goal of getting healthier as my example of how this can work. This might involve eating better, losing weight or simply becoming more physically fit.

Raise your hand if this is a goal of yours, but you don’t belong to a gym.
Now, raise your hand if you find yourself spending time scrolling (aimlessly) on social media.

Did you raise your hand both times?

If so, grab your phone and head to Instagram. Yes, I said IG! As counterintuitive as it is, Instagram has a ton of resources for health and fitness, including full-length, fitness classes of all levels and genres.

Prior to the start of the pandemic, I wasn’t very active on social media, but when days of sitting turned into weeks and months, I realized I need to get moving more. I started following a few fitness influencers on Instagram and was excited to find that I could take classes from my iPad and in the comfort of my living room – for FREE.

That’s right. They cost nothing – zip, zilch, zero! AND with most classes reposted on IGTV, you can do the workouts anytime. Here are a few of my favorites. Check them out, follow for a week, and see if there’s anything you like. Unlike joining a gym, there’s no commitment required, no cost, and no commute!

@cabon38 – Retailer for active fashion wear. Live workouts on M-F at 12 pm EST; S-S at 11:30 am EST

@vuoriclothing – Performance apparel retailer. Vuori ACTV Club offers free, daily classes M-F 11 am EST; S-S 12 pm EST

@womenshealthmag (@menshealthmag has classes, too!) – Fitness tips and live workouts daily; schedule posted on page

@minimalistbaker – Health & Wellness – simple recipes: 10 ingredients, 1 bowl or 30 minutes or less

@covellchiropractic – Customized chiropractic treatment plans for all ages, wellness and nutrition tips


Other favorites of mine include @theannakaiser and @annakaiserstudios. Anna Kaiser is a celebrity trainer and founder of the Anna Kaiser Technique – a fitness regime that combines cardio, strength training and dance. Anna and the team at her studio will often post fitness tips or short workout combinations. The studio also offers virtual classes via Zoom staring at $10 per class.

Finally, check out @kristinaearnest and www.kristinaearnest.com. Kristina is a certified group fitness instructor who teaches for Equinox and Tone It Up. In late 2020, she launched a new website that features dozens of free workouts from 5 to 45 minutes in length. Membership on her site is free throughout 2021. No credit card required. Just register with your email address and you’re in for the year!

So the next time you’re scrolling, start following a new handle or two and see if you can keep your 2021 health goals going!