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Business Operations Articles

All Import and Export Transactions Must be OFAC Compliant

The fines are huge, the ramifications are significant, and all businesses ” regardless of size ” must ensure that they are not doing business with individuals or entities restricted by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Credit Executives Coping Through COVID-19: Part 1

To help gain some clarity in this time of confusion, we asked a small group of our clients to share what, if anything, they have begun to do differently in their credit departments to cope with current crisis.

Deciphering the Code: NAICS vs. SIC

Both SIC and NAICS codes were developed by the federal government to identify a firm’s primary business function, but what is the difference between the two and how are they used today?


Don’t Become a Victim of Cashier’s Check Fraud

Cashier’s checks are considered by many to be risk-free, since the funds are paid out by the bank instead of the buyer. Therefore, requiring a cashier’s check for payment from a customer seems very secure; and it is – as long as the check is genuine.

Export-Import Bank of the United States

Ex-Im Bank helps U.S companies maximize their export opportunities by taking on the credit and country risks that the private sector cannot.  By working to match the financing that other governments provide to their exporters, the Ex-Im Bank helps level the playing field for exporters of U.S. goods.

Industrial Classification

Pop Quiz! What are the four Industrial classification systems finance and credit managers should be aware of?  Extra Credit: give a brief explanation of each of them.  For answers, read this article.


Forbes magazine reported in May that “people are often the weakest link in the security chain.” The problem posed by contributors Steve Culp and Chris Thompson is the cyber criminals target fallible humans to get around investments in technical and physical security systems. 

Network Security – Identifying Network Traffic Flows

As credit and collection professionals you eat, sleep and breathe data. While data security may not be your primary responsibility, it’s important to recognize that it is something you need to be conscious of.


New Year’s Customs Around the World

The start of a new year has been celebrated by civilizations around the globe for thousands of years. Today many countries celebrate New Year’s on December 31, but some around the world celebrate it at other times with different customs.


Ransomware: Could Your Company Be at Risk of Falling Victim?

Ransomware. The term strikes fear in the heart of any IT department, even a well-prepared and well-rehearsed one. However, it’s a surprisingly misunderstood threat by many of the managers and business owners that we interface with on a routine basis.


Red Flags Rule Compliance – B2B Companies Aren’t Necessarily Exempt!

What is the Red Flags Rule? It’s a derivative of the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions (FACT) Act of 2003. If your company obtains or uses consumer credit reports or qualifies under other definitions outlined in the Rule ” even as a B2B outfit ” you could be required to be in compliance.


Sales and Use Tax from the B2B Perspective

Sales tax.  Pretty basic stuff, right?  You charge the prescribed percentage on sales made within your state. But what about things like nexus, Use Tax, and the Streamlined Sales and Use Tax Agreement?  If you’re selling to out of state customers, these are things you need to know about.

Unclaimed Property: Revenue Bonanza for US States

To help fund budgets and beef up falling revenues, US states are focusing on 12 businesses.  Aggressive enforcement of states’ unclaimed property laws is already costing companies billions in liability and non-compliance penalties. Existing laws are being expanded, provisions are being reinterpreted, and new laws are being enacted. What you don’t know can end up costing you.