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Collections Articles

6 Tips for Making Collection Calls that Get Results

Successful telephone collection is both an art and a science. These tips from the pros will help you build your confidence and improve your collection results.

9 Collection Tips for Small Business

Want to collect more delinquent accounts in-house before writing them off or sending them to a collection agency? Here's how.

9 Guidelines for Selecting the Right Collection Agency

It's a given of doing business. Sooner or later you will need an outside collection agency to help you cash in on past due accounts. So how do you sort through the crowd and find the one that's right for your company? Focusing on these nine areas will help you make a good choice.

9 Steps to Help Your OCA Help You

Knowing when to place that past due account is just one of a number of ways you can boost the effectiveness of the collection process and help your OCA help you.

13 Strategies to Speed Up Collections

The bottom line of a sale is "show me the money". Here are 13 practical strategies you can use to speed up your collection process.

A Career in Collections?  Consider the Possibility!

With over 1.6 million American's entering the job market after graduating this year, why not look at entering into a career as a collections representative?

Collecting by Phone: The Three Step Process

When preparing to make a collection call there are many things to consider, but none more important that understanding What is the current status of the account?

Collection Litigation: Court Costs and Suit Fees

Find out what to expect in terms of cost when you decide to sue for judgment against a delinquent debtor.

Evaluating Your OCA's Performance

Our August 2012 Credit-to-Cash Advisor issue featured an article on selecting a collection agency. In this issue we offer valuable tips and an OCA Quality Score Card to help you determine how well the outside collection agency you selected is meeting your needs.

Payment Plan Negotiations

Tips for setting up payment plan arrangements with debtors.

Regulating Commercial Debt Collection

You may be surprised to learn that commercial collection agencies aren't regulated by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act enacted by Congress in the 70s. In fact, there isn't any federal legislation that applies to these firms. So do they operate unchecked and as they choose? Is there any way for a commercial creditor to be sure the firm they select is ethical and will deal appropriately with their customers?

Using an OCA to Execute Debtor Judgments

Using an OCA to execute and enforce debtor judgments is often a better approach than hiring an attorney. Here are six reasons it makes more sense to use an agency collecting nationally or internationally – as the case requires – rather than using an attorney directly to execute and enforce judgments.

Working with an OCA

An OCA can assist you in collecting on accounts that are delinquent. Using an OCA can be profitable for your business and help with your company's growth.