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Women in Credit Articles

Falling for Credit

Jackie Borthwick, European Credit Manager at ABS Europe LTD, didn’t set out to have a 30+ year career in the field of credit, but after re-entering the workforce in the late-1980’s, she ‘fell’ into a position in a Windsor (London)   hotel’s accounting department and hasn’t looked back.

Taking a Mulligan Into Credit

Jackie Mulligan, North American Credit Operations Manager at Procter and Gamble (P&G), initially aspired to be a business educator, but as it turned out, she ended up taking a position in credit operations at Procter & Gamble.

Defaulting into a Credit Career

When Christine Lipani, Senior Manager of Credit and Collections at Time, Inc., entered the job market, she was working in a completely different industry. After taking a short break to start her family, she accepted a position in collections that accommodated her and her family’s needs, and new career blossomed.

Sold on a Career in Credit

Lisa Tanner, Director of Global Credit and Collection for Nidec Motor Corporation began her career in the sales field. After working in print and radio sales, she decided to try a different path.

Fashioning a Career in Credit

Sheri Loulache, Collections Supervisor for Optos, has been in the credit and collections industry for over twenty years. What began as a part time job in collections while she was a pursuing her degree has led to a career thatbrought Sheri to companies such as Covidien and currently Optos.

Getting to Know ABC's Tammy Osborne

Tammy Osborne, ABC-Amega’s Regional Vice President, Southern has enjoyed a career in credit and collections for more than twenty years. She has served as the Vice President of National Key Accounts for a national commercial collection agency, as well as owner of her own commercial collection agency,  The Anderson Group Worldwide for fourteen years.
Vanina Negri, Third Party Collections Manager for Google, has been in the credit and collections industry for over ten years. She’s always had an interest in economics and earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Navarra. Prior to working at Google, Vanina was an E-Commerce Specialist with Apples

C'est la vie in Credit

Madeleine Féquière, Corporate Credit Chief for Domtar has over twenty-five years of management experience in corporate credit administration, credit risks & operation, credit enhancements and global commerce.