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Credit Group Spotlight: NCCA

The National Chemical Credit Association (NCAA)

The National Chemical Credit Association (NCCA) is a unique national organization of credit professionals representing some of the top chemical companies in the world. Established in 1938, the non-profit Association was founded to facilitate the exchange of commercial credit information among leaders of the chemical industry, as well as provide continual professional education to its members.

Member Benefits:

Industry-specific credit reports …

  — Relevant. Showing exactly how the customer pays other creditors in your industry.

  — Accurate. Members supply A/R experience monthly; and it’s easily verified by calling the members for clarifications.

  — Accessible. Our secure, easy-to-use credit interchange web site is available 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

  — Affordable. Membership gives you access to unlimited credit reports, costing much less than traditional credit reporting agencies. And, one comprehensive reporting system is all you need.

Flash Alerts …

Up-to-the-minute notices on events that impact the creditworthiness of your customers — bankruptcies, new ownership, accounts placed for collection, etc.

Networking and Education …

Quarterly meetings provide a forum to discuss historical credit information in a legal, ethical and confidential manner. Webinars and other educational programs keep members informed about the latest trends in credit management.

Discounted Collections Services from ABC-Amega…

ABC-Amega provides a broad range of B2B accounts receivable management solutions including third-party global commercial debt collection and first-party A/R outsourcing –offered at special rates for NCCA members.

Membership is open to producers and distributors of chemicals, plastics, and allied products.

Prospective members must have:

  — an independent credit department;

  — substantial national or multi-national distribution;

  — commonality with other members of the Chemicals/Plastics or International divisions.



The confidential sharing of relevant, timely, industry specific information with professionals in the chemical industry provides numerous benefits to NCCA members. Over my ten year association with NCCA, I have found the credit group meetings to b particularly worthwhile. These are excellent opportunities for members to get to know one another, providing valuable contacts and sources of information. Because the participants from member NCCA companies are outstanding individuals and true professionals, I have always benefited from the exchange of information and found my attendance at these meetings to be well worth my time.

Ernie Pouttu
President and CEO
Harwick Standard


Harwick Standard is a managementowned and operated sales, marketing and technical support organization headquartered in Akron, Ohio. Servicing the rubber, thermoplastics and other polymerrelated industries for more than 75 years, Harwick Standard operates a nationwide distribution network supplying products from more than 30 blue chip manufacturers.

Try NCCA out by attending a meeting for free!

NCCA offers a wide range of services and pricing options. The ultimate cost of membership is determined by the number of credit reports a member orders each year. To receive more information about membership or to attend an upcoming meeting no cost, contact Michael Meyers at: [email protected] or visit the NCCA website at