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Training Courses

Could your staff use some practical help with telephone collections?

Would a clearer understanding of the collection agency process help you get the best results from your OCA (Outside Collection Agency)?

Would you like to get more value out of financials and credit applications?

ABC-Amega, with more than 85 years experience in commercial credit and collections, offers full and half-day training workshops.

ABC-Amega has internal experts and external alliances that can provide training on just about any aspect of the quote to cash process, credit management, collections, negotiation skills, etc. Our alliance partners also offer training in soft skills like time management, teamwork, communicating effectively, customer service, and the like.

These workshops were designed to develop skills and expertise of credit and collection professionals.

Outside Collection Agency (OCA) Procedures

An in-depth explanation of how OCAs work including:
  • Claim Placement: When and how to place your delinquent accounts to ensure the greatest chance of collecting successfully
  • In-House Collections: How your account is handled by the OCA
  • Attorney-Amicable Action: When and why the OCA would hand-off your account to an attorney in the debtor's locale
  • The Legal Process: What to expect when the attorney recommends suit; how to decide if it's worth pursuing; what's next when you say "Yes"
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Basic Financial Analysis

Take your department's effectiveness in evaluating a customer's creditworthiness to the next level. They will learn:
  • How to evaluate the business of a potential customer
  • What financials to ask for, how to analyze them, and what they can reveal
  • Cash Flow Analysis, "Eyeball" Analysis, and the Z-Score
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Credit and Financial Analysis

Evaluate your current credit process and improve how credit decision making is handled.
  • Appreciate the importance of credit in the cash cycle, and what to consider when developing one
  • Why your company needs a credit policy
  • Analyze financial statements and evaluate a complete credit application
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ABC's of Collections

How your collectors can make more effective collection calls.
  • Telephone Personality: attitude, voice, approach
  • Preparing for the Call
  • Conducting the Initial Call: what to listen for, reaching the decision-maker, handling common objections
  • Follow-up calls; and the time-value of money
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Telephone Collection Techniques

Your collectors become confident and productive collection professionals.
  • Knowing Your Customer-Knowing Yourself
  • Call Preparation, The 7 Step Collection Call and Overcoming Objections
  • Working with 3rd Party Collection Agencies
  • Bankruptcy and Litigation
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Overview of the Legal Process

Learn when a lawsuit makes sense and has the most likelihood of success.
  • When to Sue
  • Court Costs and Suit Fees
  • The Commercial Lawsuit: Step-by-Step
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Overview of Business Bankruptcies

Understand the ramifications to creditors of the two primary business bankruptcy chapters and what you can do to help protect your interests.
  • Chapter 7: Corporate Liquidation
  • Chapter 11: Business Reorganization
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All of these workshops are flexible and customizable to meet your and your staff's convenience and training needs.

If you'd like to have our expert trainers educate your staff, contact us.