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The ABC Difference

Outside collection agencies are not all created equal. The value you get from an OCA should be measured with net return, taking both price and production into account. At ABC-Amega, we are proud to share what makes us different and why we are the preferred accounts receivable management partner for hundreds of companies worldwide.

Not All Collection Agencies are Created Equal

Below are some of the attributes that make ABC-Amega unique in the Commercial Debt Collection and Accounts Receivable Management industry. If you haven't done business with us in the past, we look forward to the opportunity to show you the ABC Difference.

Commercial Focus International Expertise & Global Resources Outsourcing Innovation  Centralized Operations In-House Collection Representatives Credit Services & Industry Education Record of Success

Commercial Focus
We pride ourselves on having been dedicated solely to commercial collections and outsourcing services throughout our history. Our corporate focus and culture centers on those attributes that lead to success in B2B collections and customer service. This includes recovering debt in a way that maintains customer relations between our clients and their customers and investing in our collection representatives’ detailed industry knowledge.

In 2006, all of ABC-Amega’s third-party collection representatives achieved certification by the Commercial Collection Agency Association as CCAA Senior Certified Collection Professionals. We are one of an elite number of firms to have all of their collection team members receive this certification.

International Expertise & Global Resources
ABC-Amega has been dedicated to international collections since the earliest days of our history, performing collections activities overseas since 1960. We successfully handle global collections by implementing our proprietary systems and procedures and by utilizing the skills and experience of our multilingual, dedicated staff. We also have a robust network of legal affiliates, who support our abilities to collect in more than 150 countries around the world.

As testament to our success, we have been recognized twice by the US Government and have received its highest peacetime award for businesses, the “E Star” Award, from President Bush for our ability to handle international collections.

Outsourcing Innovation
ABC-Amega has been providing first-party accounts receivable management services to industry leaders since 1989. We have been able to assist these clients in lowering their operating costs and more effectively managing their cash flow through our customizable receivable management solutions.

Centralized Operations
ABC-Amega’s dedication to having outstanding processes in place, coupled with our commitment to global commercial collections, led us to proactively centralize our operations and workforce to our headquarters in Buffalo, NY in recent years. This centralized approach allows us to control workflow and enhances communication and accountability with our clients, especially multinational companies who are looking for standardization around the globe for their recovery and reporting requirements. 

Our organizational realignment has proven to be one of the most successful strategic moves in our history. We have been able to raise recovery rates, improve productivity, implement uniform and higher performance standards for our staff, and uphold a consistent culture based on our key values.

In-House Collection Representatives
ABC-Amega’s versatile, experienced collection staff is outstanding; and we have always believed that it is critical to have our amicable recoveries performed in-house by our own personnel under our direct training and supervision. We do not outsource any collection resources other than those provided by our attorney network specialists. We have dedicated partners and law firms in more than 150 countries that we can engage for on-the-ground assistance and counsel when required or appropriate. 

ABC-Amega has both a domestic (US & Canada) and a global team dedicated exclusively to international debt collection. Our multilingual global collection representatives are fluent in such languages as French, Spanish, Italian, German and Mandarin Chinese, and are knowledgeable in international law and procedure. Due to a diverse workforce in Buffalo, NY, we are able to bring in staff with additional language skill sets when needed.

The average tenure for our dedicated, third-party collections team is more than 18 years with ABC-Amega, and 20 years of collections industry experience. Our retention rate is one of the highest in the industry.

Credit Services & Industry Education
Information is power; and we believe the more knowledgeable our clients are, the more effective our partnership to achieve the highest quality results. ABC-Amega’s Credit Services division supports this principle by providing a wealth of information through its credit group interchanges and educational services.

ABC-Amega’s credit group members benefit from access to industry-specific, accurate credit reporting information in real-time – helping them make informed decisions quickly while minimizing risk. They also have access to free industry education through our monthly webinar series and our e-newsletter, Credit-to-Cash Advisor, which provides informational articles on global credit management, commercial law, outsourcing, collections and country risk.

Additionally, we offer on-site and remote training workshops on all aspects of credit and collections for our clients. Our commitment to industry education is a contributing factor to our success, so we take advantage of all opportunities to be active in industry research and training organizations such as CRF, FCIB, NACM and ICTF. We are proud to be a platinum partner of the Credit Research Foundation, our industry’s primary organization for credit management research, and are also one of the founding members of ICTF where we currently hold a silver sponsorship status.

Record of Success
While we believe the attributes noted above make us unique and special, if we can’t collect they don’t mean a darn thing to our clients. Thankfully, we can back up our merits with real results. Over the past few years, our 3rd Party recovery rates average nearly 10 points above the domestic benchmark; and our average 1st Party outsourcing resolution performance is over 90%.