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Telephone Collection Techniques

Capable, effective telephone collections personnel are a critical part of the collection process.

Let's be honest. Few people get excited about the thought of picking up the phone and asking a past due customer for money.

Most credit managers will be quick to admit, however, that capable, effective telephone collections personnel are a critical part of the collection process.

The key to becoming a confident and productive collections professional is preparation, learning basic skills, and discovering a few tricks of the trade.

This workshop for Telephone Collection Personnel is the complete package.

Here's what's on the menu:

  • Collection's Value Proposition - the cash flow cycle, sales, and DSO and cash flow; delinquency's effect on probability of collection
  • Knowing Your Customer - understanding how the relationship of businesses within an organization as well as the legal structure of the organization can effect collection efforts
  • Knowing Yourself - your attitude, voice, approach, and listening habits
  • Call Preparation - what you must have at your fingertips before you make the call; do's and don'ts and important tips.
  • The 7 Step Collection Call - Objective: collect in full and gather information
  • Overcoming Objections - "won't pay" vs "can't pay"
  • Working with 3rd Party Collection Agencies - standard OCA procedure
  • Litigation - when to sue, types of litigation, court costs and suit fees
  • Bankruptcy - an overview of Chapters 7, 11, 13

BONUS: You'll also take with you the Telephone Collection Techniques workbook - a valuable resource that includes an Appendix packed with great additional material on the topic.

Whether you're new to telephone collections, or could just use some new ideas to help refine your approach, this workshop is for you!

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