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FAQs regarding B2B Commercial Bad Debt Collection


Commercial Bad Debt Collection Services

Does ABC-Amega collect consumer accounts?

ABC-Amega does not collect consumer accounts. We are strictly a B2B commercial debt collection service, handling only business-to-business commercial bad debt collection accounts.

What is the smallest account ABC-Amega will attempt to collect?

As a general rule, ABC-Amega accepts accounts against U.S. and Canadian debtors that are $35.00 or more, and accounts against debtors in other countries that are $100.00 or more.

Where (what states/what countries) does ABC-Amega collect?

ABC-Amega is a national commercial collection agency and has the resources, expertise and local contacts to collect in all U.S. states, and more than 200 countries worldwide. ABC-Amega collects in every country except those prohibited by the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Can ABC-Amega collect from bankrupt debtors?

ABC-Amega provides a full line of U.S. bankruptcy services including: filing reclamation claims, overseeing processing and handling, filing proofs of claim, and reviewing and responding to correspondence from the court or debtor. In addition, we can assist in preferential transfer situations.

What are ABC-Amega's commercial debt collection fees?

ABC-Amega's standard bad debt collection fees are based on: (1) the amount of the claim; (2) the age of the claim; and (3) the location of the debtor. We can quote special reduced rates for volume placements or very large single accounts. ABC-Amega's fees are contingent upon collection, no collection-no fee. Attorney fees may be fully or partially contingent. For a fee quotation contact or call 1-800-732-0206 (inside the US), 1-716-885-4444 (outside the US).

What are ABC-Amega's commercial collection fee policies?

ABC-Amega's standard fee policies are below. These policies are typical of most U.S. commercial debt collection agencies.

Interest: When successful in collecting interest, ABC-Amega will charge a rate of two times the usual fee pertaining to the principal amount of the claim for the interest collected. [Read article on collecting interest.]

Escheatable and Abandoned Property: In the unusual event that ABC-Amega is unable to locate a client for the purpose of remitting funds collected on a claim, a custodial fee will be deducted from the collected funds while ABC-Amega attempts to locate the rightful party to whom the proceeds are due.

Merchandise Recovery: When merchandise is recovered in lieu of cash payment, ABC-Amega's commercial debt collection fees are charged based on one-half of the value of the recovered merchandise.

Previously Paid Accounts: Should ABC-Amega discover that an account was paid by the debtor prior to ABC-Amega receiving the claim, one-half of the normal fee will be charged on the amount paid.

Withdrawn Accounts: Any amounts collected on accounts that are withdrawn after placement with ABC-Amega will be subject to our regular commercial debt collection fees.

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B2B Collection Account Handling

How does ABC-Amega's commercial bad debt collection process work?

ABC-Amega's collection strategy is built on three components: (1) In-house collections; (2) Attorney-amicable collections, and (3) Attorney litigation collections. Our primary objective is to collect your claim as quickly as possible, with the least cost to you. Thus, wherever your debtor is located, we will generally attempt to collect through our own in-house efforts. If in-house collections are unsuccessful, the account will be sent to legal counsel in the debtor's local jurisdiction. The attorney will first attempt to collect amicably (without law suit). If legal action is warranted, you will be advised of the costs required to file a suit. No suit will be filed without your express prior approval. [View a Flash presentation of ABC-Amega's debt collection process]

How do I place a collection account with ABC-Amega?

Accounts can be placed for collection in several ways: by mail, fax, FTP, e-mail or a web site claim submission form. Contact Sales and Marketing before placing your first claim to review our services and rates. Once you've become an ABC-Amega client, you'll be able to place your claims through a secure, password protected web site.

How can I be sure ABC-Amega's collection procedures are professional?

ABC-Amega's membership in the Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA) and annual certification by the Commercial Law League of America guarantees that we meet a strict code of ethics and comply with a rigid set of standards. In addition, ABC-Amega is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau serving Western New York.

Additionally, all ABC-Amega collectors are certified to the CCAA Certified Senior Collection Professional standard. To achieve this certification, collectors are required to complete a comprehensive course of study and to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of the commercial collection industry by passing a rigorous examination.

Is ABC-Amega licensed to perform debt collection?

Yes, ABC-Amega is licensed and bonded to collect commercial bad debt in all U.S. states that require licensing and bonding. We are in good standing with all 50 states and the countries in which we operate.

Can ABC-Amega guarantee recovery of our money?

No reputable national or international bad debt collection agency can guarantee they will be able to collect on a delinquent account. Many variables affect the likelihood of collection, with one of the most important being the age of the account when placed with the collection agency. Basically, the older the account is, the less collectible it is. However, ABC-Amega's overall recovery rate of 53.5% exceeds the benchmark recovery rate of 45.5% established by the Commercial Law League of America.

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Internet Client Access and Performance Reporting

What kind of collection reporting does ABC-Amega provide?

Through a fully secure, Internet web site, ABC-Amega clients can view the actual collector handling on each file from our first contact with your debtor to current status. On the same web site, you will be able to access comprehensive reports on all your commercial debt collection accounts. Each of these statistical reports can be downloaded to your local PC. Many can be exported in a delimited format for analysis in Excel® and other spreadsheet programs. In addition, you will have the ability to create customized reports and generate summary graphs by setting parameters, defining filters and selecting the fields you wish to include in your reports.

Do I need special software to access ABC-Amega's collection reporting system?

You will not need special software, just a version 4.0 or higher of Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, or an equivalent browser. To view some reports, you will also need the Crystal Smart Viewer for ActiveX plugin, which can be downloaded the first time you enter the web site.

What if I need special reports?

ABC-Amega's Internet collection reporting system provides all the flexibility most clients require. One of ABC-Amega's strengths, however, is our ability to adapt to the needs of our clients, including providing individualized reports. In fact, we have an associate who's sole responsibility is creating special reports for in-house and client use.

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International Debt Collection Services

How long has ABC-Amega been providing international debt collection services?

ABC-Amega expanded its services into foreign markets in 1960, and continues to be one of the few US-based national commercial collection agencies specializing in international debt collections services.

Are there any countries where ABC-Amega does not collect?

ABC-Amega currently does not collect in countries sanctioned by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Does ABC-Amega have the ability to collect in languages other than English?

Yes. ABC-Amega maintains a staff of multilingual collectors. These collectors are fluent in such languages as Mandarin, French, Italian, Spanish and German. Each of these experts has knowledge in international law and procedure as well as sensitivity to local culture and practice.

Does ABC-Amega have offices overseas?

No. However, we have affiliate agencies and attorneys in practically every major metropolitan area in more than 200 countries. And we have found that our international collection experts are able to collect in many countries from our Buffalo, NY headquarters.

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Network of Commercial Debt Collection Attorneys

What if my claim requires legal intervention?

ABC-Amega has a worldwide network of affiliate attorneys specializing in commercial law and collection-related services. In every U.S. state, as well as most countries abroad, our affiliates are able to take prompt legal action on your behalf. Through ABC-Amega, your claims are handled by attorneys with expertise in the laws where your debtor is located.

How does ABC-Amega select its affiliate attorneys?

All of ABC-Amega's American affiliate attorneys are members of the Commercial Law League of America and bonded for your protection. All foreign correspondents are carefully screened based on referrals received from U.S. Embassies and other reputable sources in the legal community.

How do I know ABC-Amega's collection attorneys will give good service?

ABC-Amega continually monitors and appraises the performance of our correspondent attorneys to ensure that you receive the best representation possible. They are required to conform to strict standards of reporting, which are continuously quantified and evaluated.

Are attorney fees contingent upon collection?

Attorney-Amicable Fees. In all U.S. jurisdictions and the vast majority of international locations, attorney-amicable fees are fully or partially contingent upon collection. In some countries, however, attorneys, by law, cannot accept contingent fees (examples include France, Norway, South Korea, South Africa). In these cases, we will inform you the costs of assigning your claim to a lawyer in the debtor's area and obtain your prior approval before doing so.

Attorney Suit Fees. ABC-Amega charges a suit fee over and above our regular fees for filing legal action. This fee covers the work of the attorney in preparing and filing the necessary papers and in making appearances in court. In the United States, the suit fee is usually contingent upon collection and is a percentage of the amount collected. Our attorneys outside the U.S. may sometimes require a non-contingent retainer and/or an increased contingent fee.  ABC-Amega always gets your prior approval before filing legal action on your behalf.

Court Costs. Court costs, which cover filing fees, service of process, etc., are also required to institute an action. These costs vary from court to court, state to state, and country to country. When recommending legal action, our affiliate attorney will provide an estimate of the court costs required.

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More questions? Complete our Request Further Information form, email, or call 1-800-732-0206 (in the US), or 1-716-885-4444 from other countries.